Steel Castings Division,  INGOT Division,  TMT Division,  Rolling Mill Division,   Ferro Alloys Division  
Our overall Infrastructure and Capabilities include:
  • Medium frequency induction furnace of 3,500/1,500 kg capacity with necessary handling and testing facilities.
  • Pattern shop with marking and mounting facilities to handle match plate size of up to 3500 mm X 3500 mm.
  • Sturdy handling facilities up to 10,000 kg capacity.
  • Chemical analysis by spectrometer, metallurgical and physical laboratory supported with impact testing at sub zero temperature.
  • Non - Destructive testing machines for UT and MPI.
  • Radiographic testing facility by IR and Cobalt 60 source.
  • Heat treatment facilities of batch quantity 3,000 and 8,000 kg.
  • Fettling, shot blasting facilities to handle 3,000 kg single piece.
  • Dimension marking facilities up to 40-inch valve size.

    With the above facilities, supported by highly qualified and experienced technical team with periodical training, development and with commitment of our workmen, we produce Quality Steel Castings weighing from few kilograms to 2,000 kg a single piece. Our annual capacity is 10,000 metric tons.

  • 1,00,000 metric tons of MS Ingots
  • 75,000 metric tons of TMT Rods
  • 10,000 metric tons of Steel Castings (1 Piece, 50 kg - 7,500 kg Sizes)
  • 10,000 metric tons of Rounds / Plates / Flats / Structures
  • 400 metric tons/Per Annum of Ferro Alloys with expansion program on progress
  • Total of 7 Furnaces in all manufacturing units
  • Labour quarters with sufficient facilities at Karaikal, Kanjicode, Pudukkottai and Perur in Coimbatore
  • Separate administrative block to manage administrative activities of all manufacturing units
  • Sheds to store raw materials and manufactured products
Lab Facilities:
S.No. Machinery Capacity
1. Direct reading vacuum emission spectroscope with print out facilities. Manufactured by Spectro GmbH, Germany 16 elements
2. Universal Testing Machine - Blue Star 40 MT
3. Brinnal hardness tester  
4. Ultrasonic Testing Equipments   
5. Impact Testing Machines -
6. MPI Equipments   -
7. Portable Digital hardness tester   -
8. Chemical Laboratory equipped with Carbon & Sulphur apparatus, muffle furnace and other wet analysis facilities.   -
9. Digital Pyrometer for measuring the temperature of molten metal - Suyash Make 0 - 1700 Range 0° - 1700 °C
10. Optical Pyrometer Toshniwal make disappear filament type.  

Infrastructural Facilities:
Steel Castings Division - Annur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Sri Padmabalaji Steels Pvt Ltd - Steel Castings Division is located at Annur which is about 2 1/2 km from a National Highway road. The plant spread over 5.19 acres of land and the building is constructed on an area of about 53,940 Sq.ft. leaving sufficient space for future expansion of the foundry.

Using state-of-the-art technology machineries and through employment of trained and skilled labour force, we are able to achieve excellent production level of 10,000 metric tons of steel castings per annum. Besides, the power supply of 1,950KVA and adequate water facility at Annur are the major resources, considered as our assets.

In addition to public transportation facilities, we have provided vehicles to pick up our visitors and staff working at various shifts as limited service.


TMT & MS Ingot Division - Karaikal, Pondicherry

Sri Padmabalaji Steels Pvt Ltd - TMT & MS Ingot Division is situated on the National Highway connecting Nagappattinam and Karaikal, just about 1 Km from Nagore. At Karaikal plant, we own a land spanning about 15.64 acres, on which our building is constructed at an area of 1,05,941 sq.ft.

Deployment of cutting-edge technology & machineries and employment of trained & skilled labour force has enabled us to achieve high production level of 75,000 metric tons of TMT rods and 1,00,000 metric tons of MS Ingots per annum. Besides, use of our own transport vehicles, power supply of 3,000 KVA with a 110 KVA generator with sufficient water facility from nearby sources has helped us to elevate our manufacturing standards to match global standards.

MS Ingot Division - Kanjikode, Palakkad, Kerala

Sri Padmabalaji Steels Pvt Ltd - MS Ingot Division is situated at the NIDA, which is 2 km from the highway of Kanjicode in Kerala. It is well inter-connected by a safe metal road, enabling easy accessibility. We posses transport vehicles, borewell to meet our water requirements. As this plant caters to the secondary market, sample raw materials are also available. These materials are also imported whenever necessity is felt. The total power requirement of the plant is 2,500 KVA. It also has one 110 KVA generator as a standby arrangement.


MS Ingot Division - Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu

Sri Suryabalaji Steels Pvt Ltd - MS Ingot Division is situated at SIPCOT industrial estate in Pudukkottai, spreading over 9 acres of land, wherein the building was constructed on an area of about 59,590 sq.ft in a greeny environment. By using the state-of-the-art technology machineries and skilled manpower, here we achieve a high production level of 50,000 metric tons of MS Ingots per annum which is half of our overall productivity. This is helping us very much in reaching better overall profitability in the operations of the group of companies.

Re-Rolling Mill Division - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Sri Venkateshwara Steel Re-Rolling Mill is located at Perur in Coimbatore. Our re-rolling mill comprises of 3.34 acres of land, wherein the building was constructed on an area of 19,988 sq.ft. By using state-of-the-art technology machineries and skilled manpower, here we manufacture different rolled products that include flats, rounds, squares, angles and structures at high production level of 900 metric tons per month.


Ferro Alloys Division - Karaikal, Pondicherry

Sree SS Industries - Ferro Silicon Division is located at Karaikal in Pondicherry. By spreading over an area of 1 acre and 10.6 cents land, the building was constructed in a sophisticated and eco-friendly environment. With cutting-edge technology machineries and skilled manpower, here we manufacture 400 tons of Ferro Silicon per annum.

On the whole Sri Padmabalaji Group of Industries is having its own land measuring 63.81acres with total build up area of 2.8 million sq.ft. land with ample space for further expansion programme. As far as the power connection is concerned, our group is having at present 15 MW and expected to get an additional load of 50 MW shortly.

We actively take part in socio economic development program and look after eco-friendly model in all our manufacturing units. We are also committed in adhering to pollution control norms and local employment scheme etc. Our active participation in a wide range of Self-Growth programs including Isha Yoga Center's. Guinness Record on mass plantation of 8,52,587 saplings proves our constant commitment to socio economic growth.


Future Expansion Program

Sri Padmabalaji Group always pioneers in forecasting the future requirement of infrastructural demands. One of the main criteria for all of our Power incentive projects is to set up Captive power plant of our own and this will be an excellent leverage to maximize our overall production strength and profitability of our group of Industries. Having in mind to start a captive power plant we have already ear -marked around 25.89 acres of Land near Nagappattinam exclusively for our power plant projects.

Government of India under its "Industrial Infrastructure up gradation Scheme" (IIUS) announced so many supporting schemes to the industrial circle to start captive power plants. Implementation of the scheme will be through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) formed by the cluster any industry association which will carry out the business of developing, operating and maintaining the infrastructural facility. Central assistance will be by way of one time grant - in - aid to the Special Purpose Vehicle formed by the cluster association for development of the infrastructure. The assistance will be restricted to 75% of project cost subject to a ceiling of Rs. 50 Crore. The administrative expenses will be restricted to 3% of the central assistance in the project. We are taking necessary steps on those lines for project appraisal and implementation.